A Slack digest for all your members

By Steven Hylands on December 01, 2022

Today we’re launching our most requested feature, introducing /lowdown everyone!

/lowdown everyone - an instant digest for your entire Slack

Slack digest for eveyone

Lowdown everyone is a great new way to re-engage your Slack community. It lets Slack owners set up a digest of their own creation, highlighting the best content in their Slack, and automatically send it to every member. Best of all you can do it in a matter of seconds, all you need to do is:

  1. Type /lowdown everyone anywhere in Slack
  2. Select channels. Only selected channels will appear in the digest.
  3. Set a frequency. Decide when it should be sent

That’s all there is to it! Everyone will get a digest emailed to them automatically based on your choices. What are you waiting for? Go to your Slack now and type /lowdown everyone!

Already completed your trial?

No worries! We’ve given everyone a new trial to test our /lowdown everyone. Simply reconnect Lowdown to your Slack to get going. If you encounter any issue please let us know.

Not signed up yet?

Start your free trial now.

Good to know:

  • To update the digest for everyone, just type /lowdown everyone again in Slack. It will update it for those already subscribed, and subscribe any new joins.
  • Anyone who has unsubscribed will not be resubscribed.
  • Your members can change the make up of the digest you’re sending them by typing /lowdown settings . Once they make a personal change, your global changes will not be applied.
  • Only the owner of the Lowdown account can set up or edit the everyone digest.

Steven Hylands

Steven is a co-founder and CEO here at Lowdown. He's obsessed with finding the signal amongst the noise of real-time chat.

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