Sort your Slack members by their join date

Connect your Slack community to Lowdown today, and it will track the exact date and time each of your new members joined. At anytime you can visit your Lowdown Dashboard and review the data. It's in descending order from newest to oldest join date, perfect for keeping tabs on your latest members.

Lowdown helps you increase the engagement of your community too!

Keep your members coming back with an email digest of top posts

Lowdown lets each of your members set up a personal email digest of channels they care about. It's a great way to remind them of the value your community offers, and guide them back to engage.

Welcome members and capture their interest upon joining

Don't waste the opportunity to capture the interest of your new members when they join your Slack. Use Lowdown to set up a custom message to automatically welcome them, alongside a button to set up a digest. The perfect way to keep them coming back in those early days when they are deciding if your community offers them the value they crave.

Deliver your value direct to members

14 day free trial, cancel anytime.