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What our customers think

  • I'm part of a few Slack communities and I struggle to keep up, but I don't like feeling like I've missed useful content so I generally have to find time to scroll through the various channels for updates - not great! Thank you for creating Lowdown, huge problem solver! 🙌🏻
    Melissa KeizerSenior Designer at Rotor
  • Lowdown is awesome for a Slack group like ours that has a few hundred active users and a couple thousand other folks who don’t regularly read through Slack threads.
    BrandonCommunity Organiser at DEF
  • You know you are onto a winner when people's first thought of your product is "why didn't this exist already?" Lowdown is one of those products.
    Andy BrownlieCTO at Digital54
  • A great idea and product! I absolutely love it! Keeps our team engaged to what is going on within the company.
    Scott WylieCo-founder at PayHere
  • Too busy to keep me eye on Slack, so this is exactly what I need! 👏
    Ciara BryansProduct Designer at Airpos
  • How did this not exist before?! Lowdown is superhelpful, especially when you're in a lot of Slacks and are time poor.
    Christopher MurphyFounder at Designtrack

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