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Auto-deliver the best content shared in your community direct to members, guiding them back to engage.

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Break out of Slack

Unlock the value buried in your Slack community

Your members don't have time to keep up with Slack. Lowdown gives you a new way to deliver them your best content. Ensure they don't miss out.

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February 07, 2020
A new way to engage

Automatically increase engagement

Lowdown raises awareness of the great things happening in your community in an email digest. Each post is linked back to the original in Slack, giving your members a direct path to return, to engage.

Automate Engagement
Offer digests to your Slack

Greetbot alternative

Welcome and capture interest at the same time

Don't waste the opportunity to capture the interest of your new members. Use Lowdown to set up a custom message to automatically welcome them, alongside a button to set up a digest.

Welcome membersLearn how it works

Understand what makes your members tick with Slack Digest Analytics

With our Analytics you'll learn which channels and posts your members are most interested in. You can't get these unique insights anywhere else. Leverage them to grow the parts of your Slack community your members care about most.

Learn what members care about
Connect Slack to get insights

Lowdown is loved by community members

  • Melissa
    I'm part of a few Slack communities and I struggle to keep up, but I have FOMO that I'll miss useful content. Lowdown means I don't. It's a huge problem solver πŸ™ŒπŸ»Melissa Keizer Senior Designer at Rotor
  • Nicola
    Lowdown has been a lifesaver. It helps me keep up with all the Slack channels I'm in.Nicola BrownFounder at Kokoro
  • Chris
    How did this not exist before?! Lowdown is superhelpful, especially when you're in a lot of Slacks and are time poor.Chris MurphyFounder at The School of Design

...and it blows community owners minds 🀯

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How it works

Get subscribers in seconds

You can create a digest for everyone or send custom messages to Slack to let them opt-in. You can even welcome + offer to new members automatically!


A digest on your (or members) terms

You can create the digest for everyone, or members can set up a digest to fit their interests. Selecting to receive the channels they care about as often as suits them.

Set up digestsCompiled in a digests

Deliver your value direct to members

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