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Help busy people keep up with your Slack

Your members don't have time to read every channel—great posts get missed. Highlight them in autogenerated email digests.

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Ensure valuable information is seen by everyone

See why Teams, Accelerators and Communities on Slack use Lowdown.

  • Mendix
  • DEF
  • Creatively Squared
  • ImpactMakers
  • Partner League
  • Ignite

Put your Slack content to work, automatically


Ensure key info is seen

Slack is busy, things get lost in the shuffle. Ensure valuable information gets seen.


Keep everyone aligned

Remind your members what's been happening and keep everyone pulling in the same direction.


Make your members feel great

Celebrate success stories and achievements and deliver them to your members inboxes.


Allow time to digest

Real-time chat is disposable. Give your members time to think before they react.

How it works

What our customers think

  • I'm part of a few Slack communities and I struggle to keep up, but I don't like feeling like I've missed useful content so I generally have to find time to scroll through the various channels for updates - not great! Thank you for creating Lowdown, huge problem solver! 🙌🏻
    Melissa KeizerSenior Designer at Rotor
  • Lowdown is awesome for a Slack group like ours that has a few hundred active users and a couple thousand other folks who don’t regularly read through Slack threads.
    BrandonCommunity Organiser at DEF
  • You know you are onto a winner when people's first thought of your product is "why didn't this exist already?" Lowdown is one of those products.
    Andy BrownlieCTO at Digital54
  • A great idea and product! I absolutely love it! Keeps our team engaged to what is going on within the company.
    Scott WylieCo-founder at PayHere
  • Too busy to keep me eye on Slack, so this is exactly what I need! 👏
    Ciara BryansProduct Designer at Airpos
  • How did this not exist before?! Lowdown is superhelpful, especially when you're in a lot of Slacks and are time poor.
    Christopher MurphyFounder at Designtrack
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Tailor Lowdown to fit ANY use case

A powerful flexible tool you can customise to fit your audience. Here's what Teams, Accelerators and Communities can use Lowdown to create:

  • Executive summarySent every Monday at 9am
    Your top-level are busy. A curated summary is a great way to keep them up-to-date.
  • Key informationSent every day at 8am
    Handpick key information shared in Slack and deliver it to the members of your choice.
  • Weekly reminderSent every Monday at 7am
    Remind your team at the start of each week what key information from last week.
  • Culture updateSent every Monday at 9am
    Highlight posts that celebrate your teams culture and achievements.
  • Reading listSent every Friday at 4pm
    Do lots of links get shared in your Slack? Send them to your members in a reading list.
  • Investor updateSent every month
    Keep your investors in the loop and engaged with what’s happening in your team.
  • Exclusive benefitSent every 2 weeks
    Offer pro-level members an exclusive newsletter as an upgrade incentive.
  • Personal content streamSent every day at 6pm
    Create a private channel for yourself, add content and deliver it to your members.
  • Job postsSent every Monday at 11am
    Send your community a weekly email digest of new jobs shared.
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February 07, 2020

How your email digest is created from Slack

Automatic content analysis

Just tell Lowdown what to look for and it will automatically suggest key information to highlight.

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Your handpicked posts

Simply react to any post in your Slack with 📣 to add it to Lowdown.

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You have full control over what appears, we’ll remind you to review it before it’s sent.

Delivered on your schedule to your members inboxes

Set a schedule that suits

Select a day, time and frequency for your email digest. Lowdown then creates and sends automatically.

Learn how

Easily subscribe members

Add your Slack members as recipients in one-click or use our Slackbot to collect their permission.

Learn how

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Sit back and let Lowdown surface and share great posts

Don’t let key information get missed. Deliver your most valuable Slack posts to your members inboxes and ensure it's seen.

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  • How we protect your data

    We only keep record of data required to send or view your updates. It won't be used for anything else and it’s encrypted via SSL/TLS.

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  • What's coming next

    Find out what we’re working on, vote for what you’d like to see added next and make your own suggestions.

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  • Get a more productive Slack

    Learn how to set up your Slack to minimise distraction and increase productivity with our free guide.

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Help busy people keep up with your Slack

30 day free trial, no credit card required