Keeping your Slack members engaged is hard work

Lowdown helps you keep you members in the loop and coming back to Slack with minimal effort. Every week we'll let your members know what they’ve missed out on with an autogenerated newsletter of your Slack’s top content.

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Members forget your Slack exists. Remind them what they’re missing out on.

People join a community because they’re motiviated by its purpose – but unless they engage early and find value they’ll likely disappear never to return.

Lowdown gives you an opportunity to show your members the best of what’s been happening, guiding them back to your community, increasing the chance they’ll get involved.

Keep your members around

How it works

Connect Slack

Connect your Slack

Simply connect your Slack account and we’ll hunt down the top posts from the past 7 days. You'll see your first fully populated newsletter seconds later.

Add subscribers

Add subscribers

Easily ask your members if they want to receive your newsletter via a direct message or in your main channel with our handy Slackbot.

Prepare to share<

Prepare to share

Login to change how many posts are shared or to remove any you don’t like. You can even flag specific posts in your Slack to ensure they’re included.

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