New direction

By Steven Hylands on July 13, 2020

Phil and I started Lowdown at the end of 2019 to unlock the value buried away in Slack communities and deliver it to members inboxes. The product we built is cool, but in the end, we struggled to find enough people who saw value in it. So we’ve made the difficult decision to close down Lowdown in its current form on 31st July to focus on a new direction.

Thanks so much to all of you who tried it out and took the time to talk to us. The learnings from our conversations have been invaluable, truly helping us work out how we should move forward.

What’s next?

The first conversation Phil and I ever had about the idea for Lowdown brought up how it could be useful for teams too. We tried to make it work as a means for team leaders to surface key information buried in Slack — but we got the focus wrong.

What we’ve realised teams really need is a mechanism to give each employee the control they crave to silence the parts of Slack that distract them, without the fear of missing something.

To help Lowdown needs to be more personal. It must empower individuals to decide what to silence and how to get updated about it. Finding focus on their own terms.

Over the course of Lowdown’s first 8 months, this has been our number one request. So we’re listening. Taking what we’ve learnt to build a new tool for you to receive daily digests of highlights from the channels you care about.

If you’d like to be one of our first to discover a new way to silence Slack and find focus sign up for early access today.


Steven Hylands

Steven is a co-founder and CEO here at Lowdown. He's obsessed with finding signal amongst the noise of real-time chat.