Your team are missing key info shared in Slack


Key information will get missed if it's only shared in Slack

Chat messaging is a rapid, scattered, and disposable form of communication. Topics can change in an instant. Participants drop in and out. Much of the conversation is filler and forgotten moments later.

If you're only sharing vital company information in Slack, how can you be confident it has been read and retained by everyone on your team who needs to? You can't.

Things will get lost amongst the neverending wall of messages and notifications. Your team will miss important posts they need to read.


Don't make your team feel the need to read everything

We've all been there with countless unread messages across channels in Slack. You feel compelled to try and read them in case there's something you need to see. And that's exactly what your team members will try to do as they don't know what they can afford to miss.

Unless you've mastered the art of only communicating in conclusions, the majority of messages your team will read are filler and they're wasting their time. They end up constantly distracted checking Slack. Your company productivity suffers as a result.

You need to give your team permission to not follow everything, safe in the knowledge that what you need them to read will be brought to their attention.


Ready to ensure you key Slack posts are seen?

We've developed Lowdown to give you a superpower—the superpower to automatically identify and highlight what matters most amongst the wall of chat messaging noise. And deliver it somewhere your team members are more likely to find focus and pay attention — their email inbox. All with minimal effort required.

How it works:

  1. Connect your Slack and teach Lowdown what matters to you.
  2. Lowdown will analyse your content based on your criteria and suggest matching posts to highlight.
  3. Add your own posts at anytime by simply reacting to them in Slack with the 📣 emoji.

It's all pulled together in a focused email digest and sent as often as you like to the team members of your choice.

So what are you waiting for? Will you keep letting your key information fight for attention amongst the noise? Or will you make sure your team don't miss what they need to read?

14 day free trial, cancel anytime.

Lowdown is loved by community members

  • Melissa
    I'm part of a few Slack communities and I struggle to keep up, but I have FOMO that I'll miss useful content. Lowdown means I don't. It's a huge problem solver 🙌🏻Melissa Keizer Senior Designer at Rotor
  • Nicola
    Lowdown has been a lifesaver. It helps me keep up with all the Slack channels I'm in.Nicola BrownFounder at Kokoro
  • Chris
    How did this not exist before?! Lowdown is superhelpful, especially when you're in a lot of Slacks and are time poor.Chris MurphyFounder at The School of Design

...and it blows community owners minds 🤯

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