Your members are busy, ensure they see key info

Slack is a busy place. Things can get lost in the shuffle. Make sure your core information is seen and remembered by your members.

By resharing info in a more focused channel like email you can ensure everyone is informed and best placed to succeed. If they aren't you'll often find opportunities get missed or you'll need to repeat yourself to those who aren't religiously following Slack.

Email update

How Lowdown helps

Connect your Slack with Lowdown and it will make it easy for you to pull out key information and deliver it to your members inboxes.

You simply teach Lowdown what content to watch for and it will automatically suggest posts for your updates. You can also add any post directly from Slack by reacting with the 📣 emoji. It all gets compiled in a focused email digest delivered on a schedule of your choosing. schedule of your choosing.

Help busy people keep up with your Slack

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