Frequently asked questions

How does Lowdown decide which posts to include?

Lowdown analyses the past 7 days of activity in your Slack and highlights the posts which have the most reactions and replies from your community. You have control to decided how many posts will be shared and to remove any you don't like. When you remove a post the next best post is include in your newsletter.

Can I choose which posts are in my newsletter?

Yep! Select the ... beside a post in your Slack and you should see an option to 'Add to newsletter' (if you have other Slack apps installed this may be within the 'More message actions' option) Any post you add will take priority and will be automatically included in your newsletter. You can remove these posts by pressing the remove button in Lowdown.

Can I set it so only posts from certain channels are shared?

Yes, when you are logged in you can untick any channels that you don't want to be included in the newsletter. Please note only public channels are available to be included.

How can I get my members to subscribe to my newsletter?

You can use our Slackbot to send two messages to your members:

  1. A direct message to all members with a button to opt-in. You can also send the same message to each new member automatically after they have joined.
  2. A post in your default channel with a button to opt-in.
We plan to add even more ways to grow your subsriber base in the near future.

Can I invite other Slack admins to manage my Lowdown account?

Currently, your account Lowdown can only be accessed by the Slack admin who set it up.

How much does Lowdown cost?

Your can send your first newsletter for free so you can try out Lowdown with your Slack. If you wish to continue sending emails you'll be charged a monthly subscription based on how many newsletter subscribers you have. You can view our pricing here.

Does it work without Slack?

Currently, Lowdown only works with Slack and the only way to sign up is to use your Slack account.

Are you affiliated with Slack?

No. Lowdown is a third party Slack integration. It is not created, affiliated with, or supported by Slack Technologies, Inc.

Why did you create Lowdown?

From our experience running Slack communities we realised that once a member becomes disengaged with your Slack it's very hard to get them back. Lowdown was created to give community organisers an easy way to keep their members informed about the best of what's been going on so they don't forget about your group.

How can I contact you?

You can chat to us at anytime by pressing the chat icon in the bottom right corner of your screen. Alternatively you can email us.

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